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22nd Annual North Texas Umpire Camp *********************************************** Melissa Sports Complex January 26-28th, 2024

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This will be the three most comprehensive and enjoyable days of umpire training you have had. Your training will include current rule interpretations, mechanics, and procedures. We will help you adapt professional techniques into your personal level of umpiring. Special attention will be given to proper angle and distance positioning, timing and proper use of eyes, understanding balks, and handling conflict and confrontation. Classroom instruction will include an insightful and practical survey of the rule book accompanied by open discussion. Your personal plate stance will be evaluated, and you will be given suggestions to improve your understanding of the strike zone. We will discuss the most popular plate stances and present advantages and disadvantages of each.

This will be three days of intensive baseball umpire training that will be designed to improve participant’s opportunity to move into higher levels of officiating. Each umpire will work in game situations geared toward increasing their level of experience. This is the only camp where every instructor has not just attended umpire school but has gone on to work professional baseball. Come be a part of DFW’s best umpire camp!

Please notify John Brammer if you are 18 or younger.

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