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TCUA Registration

Choose one:

I understand and agree that:

1. Membership in the TCUA does not guarantee game assignments.


2. I am responsible for informing the TCUA of any changes to my contact information or any other changes to my officiating availability or restrictions, including those covered by item #8 below throughout the season.

3. The TCUA does not provide medical insurance for injuries sustained arising out of my officiating assignments. If I desire such coverage, I must obtain it on my own.

4. By accepting game assignments from the TCUA, I am acting as an independent contractor.

5. I will comply with the TCUA Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and Game Solicitation Policy.

6. All game assignments through the TCUA are subject to revocation, cancellation or reassignment in the event I cease to be a Member in Good Standing, or if it is in the best interest of TCUA that the game be revoked, cancelled or reassigned.

7. I will file all game reports as required by the TCUA and pay all applicable dues, game fees, fines or assessments.

8. I have not been convicted, arrested for or received deferred adjudication for any State or Federal felony criminal offense.

9. I understand that the penalty for withholding or falsification of information could include expulsion from the TCUA.

If you are not automatically directed to the payment page, click HERE. You should receive a success email within 15 minutes of clicking the "Register" button above.

For other registration issues, contact Cole - 2I4-458-870I

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